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Caffetteria Luca was born in Bronte in 1999 from the innovative ideas of Mr. Luca Nunzio, who after a long period spent abroad, upon returning to Bronte, his hometown, decided to create a pastry-café with a classic, elegant and innovative both in the environments and in the preparations and products.

Thanks to his motivation, the support of La Spina Maria, combined with that of a staff of master pastry chefs , strong in the Bronte and Sicilian confectionery culture and the exclusive possibility of being able to use an excellent raw material, that is the Bronte Pistachio , translated into the artisanal production and respect for traditional recipes of local confectionery specialities, such as pistachio and almond pastes, pistachio cream and pesto, Sicilian pistachio nougat, panettoni and colombe.

The succession of his son, Luca Roberto, in the direction of the company, gives the business a stronger entrepreneurial push, aimed at recognizing the quality and uniqueness of the products and their diffusion on the national and international market and has led to the creation of new products including chocolate-covered pistachio pastries, plain and covered dried fruit brittles, pistachio cake and pistachio liqueur with buffalo milk.

Our products are therefore the result of artisanal processing (ranging from production to packaging) and the use of selected and unique raw materials, such as the Pistachio Verde di Bronte DOP (used in all our pistachio-based products). , but above all they are the result of constant work based on tradition, on the passion and desire to produce "good food" and on continuous research aimed at creating an excellent product.

In 2017 the company obtained the DOP Certification , recognition of the use of the Green Pistachio of Bronte DOP in the production of our desserts.

The refinement that distinguishes them has made our products highly sought after, not only in Italy but also abroad, with particular mention for the Pistachio Heart, our reworking of the traditional panettone.

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